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Heaters – heart warming eye candy!

If you can’t live without them – include them in your interior design! I am talking about heaters, I hate heaters and I have never understood why they have to be so uninspiring and NON-decorative – until I discovered they DONT!  Looking outside Denmark they actually do have more decorative heaters. In almost every flat or house in Denmark we´ve got these boring white ripped squares hanging on the wall. If you have one of them as I do my best advice is to paint them, include them in your look, make them an integrated part of the room. By painting them in the same color as the wall it integrates the heater in the wall and makes it less visible. Another option is to paint them in a different color that will pin it out and make it an visible decorative asset to the room. I really like this option and even more if you go all and and include the water pipes! Check Colorama the color producent awesome photos! And the best is, you can keep repainting whenever you like to change the look 🙂

If you are in the lucky situation that you can choose the design of your heater I would recommend you to take a look at these really decorative heaters! The bench is a Danish production from Hudevad the others can be find in the catalogue of heaters at ARCHI EXPO  they have a wide range of really cool options that works both as heart warmer and eye candy!

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