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DIY WALLPHOTOS – scale up your memories!

The WALL! If you find it too impersonal to buy a pre made wall poster, why not make your own?? I admit I am not a pro-photographer but nowadays you can transform and edit almost any photo into something cool – welcome to the world of PHOTO APPS! Ill recommend snap seed , camera plus and pixlromatic – an easy quick-fix and a click on www.photowall.dk –  woop, a DIY WALLPHOTO!

I´ll show you a gallery of travel-pics that I could imagine being fantastic on a wall! What do you think?

If you fall in love with one of them, send me an email and Ill send you the original file to print.

Cover up your walls and DREAM AWAY!


it makes your dream come true in a sec! (or at least make you fly away) 

You can change your room into whatever setting you’d like to be – in the forest, on the beach, on the road, in a library, on the back of a tiger, in the jungle on the sea or in a birdcage! You name it – Ill find it!

The possibilities are endless, which made it quite a challenge to pick up some to show you! As usual I´ve picked some of the most unique ones and some more classic – industrial surprise!

Wanna color up your life – follow me! 

This selection is from Mandrup Poulsen Tapeter and Photowall – check out http://www.mptapeter.dk and http://www.photowall.dk

Or, you can go all the way and get your own photo turned into a photowall – cool??! Imagine a huge family photo! Actually one of my favorite interior designers The Novogratz redecorated a kids rooms with a custom photography wallpaper. LIKE IT?

If you are more into calm colors, but still want it to be unique and sophisticated, check these ones out! To honor my beloved city Copenhagen and our local designer I´ve chosen to show you this piece of drawing art. The Danish life drawer, Kasper Købke has drawn the streets by hand – It has taken him 6 months, how do you like the result?

The sophisticated lady is launched in 2013, designed by Gio Pagani! He has made many awesome walldecos in this style – check out http://www.architonic.com/pmsht/my-body-wall-deco/1221145 . Architonic collects all newest designs and trends – go for a tour on their website -you´ll never come out!

For the room with THE VIEW, I find it funny and really cool! And if it works as well in real life, I think they’ve done a marvelous job!

Its no secret that I love the industrial look, and if you aren’t aloud to tear “your wall apart” (like me), the perfect option is right here! And I think it works really well! Of cause Ill always prefer the real deal, but if thats a no go, go for this!!


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