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THUMBS UP for “Puzzled” by Ernsting!

More from Hanna Emelie Ernsting the German-American designer! Talking about when interior completes the puzzle, back in 2007 Hanna launched “Puzzled” a porcelain vase that consists of ten individual pieces that you can combine into different forms and expose  the colors you like or use each piece separate! With the vase comes a rubber band that holds the parts together and gives the impression of a flower bouquet from the market – I think this vase has what it takes, its beautiful and can be be serious, fun or playful! What do you think?

Again I am sure this won’t be the last post about Hanna Emelie Ernsting –

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MY FEBRUARY treasure!

I want one Daddyyyy (sorry, if you haven’t watched ´Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)! This piece of interior accessory from Ferm Living is on top of my February wish-list ! Originally its made for pencils, but I think it could be perfect for flowers, maybe candles, maybe a mix… what do you think?

Again, copper – hot hot!

The photo is from the Danish tv-show ´Nybyggerne´ styled by Pantone4C.

I have searched for cheaper options, but I must admit that I haven’t found anything comparable with the one from Ferm Living, but I know it´s a bit pricy for a pencil holder, so an option could be to make your own – check out Knock of Decor or  Freutcake OR, I know its tough, but scale down your wish to a single copper holder from Etsy for DKK 136.


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