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A cheap way to transform your bathroom!

Here comes the recipe to transform your bathroom!

I have billions of ideas, so don’t hesitate to contact me, Ill be happy to share them with you! So, this is just one solution, cheap, fast and easy!!

1. Buy a roll of shelf liner in whatever color or pattern you like – you can get it very cheap! In Denmark you can get in Tiger shops for about 30DKK.

2. Measure the tiles and use a pencil to draw the exact same size on the back of the liner.

3. Cut all the squares and stick them on the tiles

!! Watch out for bubbles, they are quite annoying. To avoid them start of in the corner and make sure you erase all the bubbles while you slowly stick it to the tile. Don’t remove the backside of the shelf liner all at once, do it while you stick it to the tile

MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL! Why the h… do YOU look like that!?

To transform your dead boring mirror, which comes with all the flats, buy an old wooden photo frame, cut it up, so it matches the size of the mirror and stick it directly to the mirror using double-sided-tape – easy!

As you see I chose to paint the frame black and because I couldn’t find a frame in a size matching the mirror I decided to make a golden frame around the wooden frame! Again, thank God for sticker paper! Cheap and easy, and it matches the shower curtain and the gold painted prism perfectly!

Magic dust doesn’t have to be expensive!

How to pour cheap magic dust over your bathroom!

In Copenhagen the majority of the flats has dead boring bathrooms ripped for any fun deco or details at all! White tiles, white toilet, white white white, a square mirror and often an extremely high intense lightbulb!! Could look like this… So how to transform this into a cozy place to be, seems pretty impossible, but nothing is – ill show you, what I did!

Since I am not aloud to change whatever I want in my flat, my creativity suffered under some limitations, but not enough to kill it! So what to do? I started of by changing the color of the tiles into black, by using shelf liner, very effective and it makes such an amazing different. I haven’t changed every second tile, cause I did not want to look organized and tight. Next big thing was to find a shower curtain carrying so much power, that it will make me feel comfy and inspired. In a small room like the shower curtain, cause of its size, becomes the primary decoration, why it has to “carry the style” you choose! I wanted a modern historian and warm look, how do you think it works?

The light in the ceiling are actually spots, so to complete my wanted look I found an old prism and spray painted it gold! You can read further about how I transformed the mirror and did the tiles here:


Don’t forget you´ll spend about 6 month at the toilet during your life – you deserve to sit in nice surroundings!

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