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Look up at your ceiling…zzzzzzzz???

Photo: http://www.nordiskrum.dk/?page_id=2 Text: Interiorwise

Photo: http://www.nordiskrum.dk/?page_id=2
Text: Interiorwise

What is it about ceilings, why do they have to be SO white??  Since I was a kid I always wondered why everybody had white ceilings and colored walls, it seemed to me that the room was cut in two pieces and did not belong together! Or almost even worse if both walls and ceilings were painted white I felt like I got blind (in Denmark we call it snow-blind, does it make sense to you? 🙂 ). I did not understand why everybody loved to lay on the grass or at the beach looking up in the beautiful blue sky (maybe because it very seldom shows up in Denmark) but when we went inside and to lay in the bed we were all looking up at a white ceiling, drained from any kind of stimulation – just nothing! It did not make sense to me, and it still doesn’t – why are so many people so afraid of painting the ceiling?

Ive heard many arguments but the most usual is that if you paint the ceiling it gives the impression of falling down to your head – I see the point, but I DO NOT agree! As long as you consider the color and the rest of the interior, I am convinced that painting the ceiling will actually give the impression that it actually belongs the room!

The trend in Scandinavia is right now VERY WHITE and minimalistic but black ceilings are getting in, which I think is really cool!

I know its a bit of a jump if you are a real sucker for “Scandinavia interior style” and it will take a bit of daring to paint a ceiling black especially because most of us don’t live in spaces with lofty ceilings (which I think is the biggest concern) but I am sure, once you go black…!!!

Color experts actually say that a dark ceiling helps make a space feel more intimate! I know its a bit extreme to jump straight to black, but that was what I felt for today 😉 But I will come up with less radical changes in future posts on ceilings, paint and decoration, but try to consider it next time you look up … and let me know please!! 🙂



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