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GO HUNTING – at flee markets!

Souvenirs oh souvenirs! Two more treasures and memories that actually ´adorn my home´ and warm my heart… I found the old industrial fan  at a flee market in awesome New York, a MUST HAVE! Its heavy as H… and I paid for every single gram of overweight to bring it home to Denmark! But no regrets, I love it and it fits my interior deco perfectly – together with my airplane, made by a street-vendor in Ghana, my living room gets a touch of history while its still in line with the, I say it again, industrial look !

A crush on vintage! Get hold of tin cans!

A mix of different styles is the perfect surrounding for me to feel calm and casual in my house!

A combination of classic modern design, industrial roughness and a touch of warm vintage makes my home unique, makes it ME!

As you see, I am a sucker for vintage tin cans! I always go for the original old ones and a mix in colors and sizes – but if you prefer a more simple and minimalism in style but still miss the touch of warm and vintage – it looks quite cool to make a same-color-selection!

I have picked up the majority of my collection at flee markets both in Denmark, from travelling around the world and from my aunts shop in Copenhagen – she usually “wrap” up my Christmas gift in a tin can, its the best!

Take a look at Tante Tulis shop – she´s got a huge selection of cans! If you cant go visit her charming little hut, check it out on Facebook.

If you have tin cans that you don’t really like check out the blog Disfunctional Design, she has some awesome creations and ideas for DIY-projects that turn cans in to almost everything – cool and creative!!

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