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CHANDELIERS do no longer belong to the ceiling???

I have a huge passion for collecting ideas and inspiration in any kinds of settings around the world! Just
been to a cozy restaurant and bar called Portas do Sol in the heart 
of Alfama in Lisbon. They really nailed some interior details, that I defintely want to do at home!

First of all they have a mixed style being industrial, modern and bohemian- It gives a cozy atmosphere and its defintely a recommendable place for food and drinks! Though my eyes got caught by a naked wooden wall that made it look unfinish, I was very amazed by this place! I am especially crazy about doing stuff upside down and use things in a way that they arent made for! Portas do Sol did it and I loved it – the chandeliers got down – hanging on a stand and it gave a cool, different and informal look with the light coming from bottom to top compared to top to bottom light sources. As soon as I come my 12 arm chandelier will end its days hanging from the ceiling! Cool or not, what do you think?


The Wapping Project – why kill the art scene?!

One of the coolest places I have ever been, the wapping project in London East Side. It is an art space and a restaurant housed in a hydraulic power station that had been close to falling down, its an astonishing industrial building still adorned by all the old huge machineries! Unfortunately the place is closing down – such a shame for London’s scene of art!

Read the article about the closure of The Wapping Project from The Guardian 1st of December 2013 http://www.theguardian.com/society/2013/dec/01/wapping-project-house-prices-culture

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