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INTERIORSTYLE does not have to be PRICY!!

ITS THE END OF THE MONTH!! What to do?? Its the end of the month and if you are a design hunter – you probably already have noticed that it won’t take long before you either are totally broke or have to comprise on the design brand – except if you are a billionaire! Luckily interior design, style and class hasn’t got anything to do with price!!

I´ve made a little sample for your study or office spot – Where to get hold of cheap but cool stuff – All items are under DKK 500 / 67 € / 92USD or 55 £

All items are form IKEA! 

Table ONLY DKK 149 – check it out here! The design comes in different items.

The black chair is called Tobias  DKK495 – it comes in three different colors! The other one is an exception DKK 695, my favorite color!

AND NOT TO FORGET – INterior accessories! 

Graphics by Solveig Hvidt only DKK 200 get it here! The FORD pillow is from the same shop DKK 349 and so is the hangers in oak and copper (comes in many different colors and sizes) from DKK 85.

Storage for all you dits´n dots marble or stone 249-299DKK (depends on size) get it here! Copper bin from same shop DKK 199!

Lamps! The clip lamp is from lampegiganten it can be yours for only DKK255, and the cool industrial clamp is available at Etsy for DKK 455 – its handmade and can be ordered!

Last but least, I find this Pebble pillow a bit funny! Its calm in the colors, soft in material and has a fun look – get it at Etsy, they come in different forms! 🙂


FORE MORE INSPIRATION FOLLOW MY BLOG – And you are ever so welcome to contact me or comment if you want me to focus on a specific topic or just wanna say HI 😀


Interior treasures beyond borders!!! As you already might know I really love flee markets, dumpster hunt and vintage!

Thats why Ill start to do weekend posts on web hunt – Ill go for unique vintage treasures and modern  pieces that will make a perfect match! Ill do my search beyond borders – My huge passion is to find stuff you can’t get in the local mall or main-design-store!

I think the most lively interior design comes true when you mix styles, materials and even sometimes colors! The trend of the day (for the majority) is white, black, concrete, marble, copper… all creating contrasts, coolness and class, but why not break it with a piece of vintage – I tell you once you go vintage your hunt will never end!

Ill make a “be alert” if you have to grab it right away!! Actually todays hunt are really ALERT! 

1. ´ALERT´, an ORIGINAL Vintage Knoll Edition from the 60´s designed by Mies van de Rohe and Lilly Reich in 1929. The chair was designed for the German pavillion at the World’s Fair in Barcelona. Note that the leather cushions were replaced by non-Knoll produced ones in 2010. I have a similar couch from the 60´s one of my best buy – the comfort is ON TOP! Get it ETSY, they ship it worldwide from Switzerland.

2. ´ALERT´, This coffee table from the 50-60´s is vintage´n modern in its cool dark marble look – can be yours for ONLY DKK 500! If I just had more space! And if you find more stuff from Wohn Raumformer the shipping gets cheaper – here we come weekend shopping! Arrgh! 

3.  ´ALERT´, This Tripod lamp stand looks awesome with a clip lamp Renna Deluxe sells this handmade tripod made of oak – unfortunately the lamp isn’t for sale, but HEY there is always a way – so check out Leben Cph, No40.

4. ´ALERT´, Looking for a unique little vintage piece – look at this alarm clock, it works perfectly! It can be yours for only DKK 95DKK get it here! 

5. ´ALERT´, Suitcases – no longer just for traveling! Suitcases are both decorative and storytelling – this suitcases matches a modern style perfectly with its black shiny surface! Its your for 200 DKK at Tante Tulis shop 

6. ´ALERT´, Talking about storytelling and vintage . This originial Danish add by Arne Ungemann from 1936 is a piece of Danish history! AND the Dell lamp – both perfect fit into the home of modern mix! Arne Ungemann is ´ALERT´but Leben Cph has more Dell lamps in storage.

7.´ALERT´, If I just had the money, this chair is really awesome and cheap DKK 700 from Smukt Brugt! Cant say more than, THUMBS UP for the design – it could be stunning in the white castle!


GO HUNTING – at flee markets!

Souvenirs oh souvenirs! Two more treasures and memories that actually ´adorn my home´ and warm my heart… I found the old industrial fan  at a flee market in awesome New York, a MUST HAVE! Its heavy as H… and I paid for every single gram of overweight to bring it home to Denmark! But no regrets, I love it and it fits my interior deco perfectly – together with my airplane, made by a street-vendor in Ghana, my living room gets a touch of history while its still in line with the, I say it again, industrial look !

A crush on vintage! Get hold of tin cans!

A mix of different styles is the perfect surrounding for me to feel calm and casual in my house!

A combination of classic modern design, industrial roughness and a touch of warm vintage makes my home unique, makes it ME!

As you see, I am a sucker for vintage tin cans! I always go for the original old ones and a mix in colors and sizes – but if you prefer a more simple and minimalism in style but still miss the touch of warm and vintage – it looks quite cool to make a same-color-selection!

I have picked up the majority of my collection at flee markets both in Denmark, from travelling around the world and from my aunts shop in Copenhagen – she usually “wrap” up my Christmas gift in a tin can, its the best!

Take a look at Tante Tulis shop – she´s got a huge selection of cans! If you cant go visit her charming little hut, check it out on Facebook.

If you have tin cans that you don’t really like check out the blog Disfunctional Design, she has some awesome creations and ideas for DIY-projects that turn cans in to almost everything – cool and creative!!

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