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Just got an email from Made In Design who has this awesome mirror, that I just (almost) can’t live without! Hmm, and it made me take, ONCE again a mirror tour and look what I found – might be a little pricy, but simple, sassy and timeless design!

1. ´Gridy ME mirror´ made of copper and wood, so simple and sassy – a timeless design! (The one I can’t live without!) Get at Made in Design 

2. ´Adnet Mirror´from GUBI – the hanger is made of leather – really nice! But I think here is a DIY opportunity, don’t you think? Get it at Made in Design

3. ´Fading Mirror´from ENO – this mirror is a piece of art, the fading surface gives a beautiful and unique reflection in the room. Again check out Made in Design or the design shop ROOMING 

NO POST WITHOUT FUN – I THINK THIS WOULD MAKE ANYBODY SMILE! Could be fun for in the kids room, but why not in yours??

Bombe mirror from Sentou – Made in Design 



INTO INDUSTRIAL? Go Concrete´n Zink

INDUSTRIAL is hot´n hip, for those on the wave I think it really works with a mix of concrete and zink! But if you ask me, its a question of balance – there is a tendency to go all in on trends (hmm might be the essential of becoming a trend, but…), and thats exactly what kills the coolness – quantity kills the “quality” of uniqueness – so don’t overdo it! Mix your favorite materials, colors and shapes it makes the interior more interesting and dynamic!

That being said, I´ll share some industrial interior accessories that I find really nice!

These awesome items are from Restoration Hardware , they have some a huge selection of industrial treasures, but unfortunately they do only ship within U.S, so if you aren’t in that lucky situation having a friend in the States, check out the European market!

Looking for a trendy flash check out ´Kix Berlin´, a German brand presenting USB 1GB and 4GB sticks produced from real concrete in different colors – get your own from Aus Berlin!

A concrete vase, I LOVE IT! The French designer Xirald Segard is specialised in concrete and the woman behind this awesome Konkurïto vase that consists of 4 modular stackable elements and a cover – inspired by the Japanese “bento” box.

Heavy Lights – different sizes, forms and colors! The internationally acclaimed designer Benjamin Hubert based in London has designed heavy lights. He leads a team of industrial designers working across a broad range of sectors including furniture, lighting, accessories, art direction etc. – check his website for more roughness!

How do you find industrial design – in or out? What is your MUST HAVE? 



MY FEBRUARY treasure!

I want one Daddyyyy (sorry, if you haven’t watched ´Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)! This piece of interior accessory from Ferm Living is on top of my February wish-list ! Originally its made for pencils, but I think it could be perfect for flowers, maybe candles, maybe a mix… what do you think?

Again, copper – hot hot!

The photo is from the Danish tv-show ´Nybyggerne´ styled by Pantone4C.

I have searched for cheaper options, but I must admit that I haven’t found anything comparable with the one from Ferm Living, but I know it´s a bit pricy for a pencil holder, so an option could be to make your own – check out Knock of Decor or  Freutcake OR, I know its tough, but scale down your wish to a single copper holder from Etsy for DKK 136.


“DEER” your surroundings! Bring nature in…

´Bring nature in´ trend is still going strong, everything comes in a deer-design, a bit too much, if Im aloud to say that – less is more, ALSO in the production of interior accessories! Cant think of anything worse but mass production (little exaggeration but true). Even though I´m VERY MUCH against hunting, killing animals and animal cruelty NO DOUBT about that – nevertheless I am amazed about original interior design accessories! So, not taking that fact into account for a moment, I think decorating by nature looks really awesome!

Depending on your ethical believes and attraction of interior design, you can choose the real deal or nice fake ones – if you want a pet on the wall! Choose a real stuffed one or maybe a nice graphic, this one is from vi.sualize.us.

But if you want the real deal you can either go hunting at flee markets, get to know a hunter or go hunt yourself! If you are interested in any of the real ones on this post, send me an email and let me know! The Sweet Spot has styled this look by use of deer and antlers, stunning or what?

And a small selection from the “interior-in-dust” – I am especially crazy about the wooden shelf, and it wouldn’t be a shame to paint it – depending on your style. If you are a bit handy, why not try it out as a DIY project – Im all up for it!

I must admit that I am not the biggest fan of “naked antlers”, but take a look at Gevir & Horn – I really like her redeco ideas – suddenly the naked antlers morbid appearance is transformed into a trendy interior accessory – in a color by your choice! Why not go on the wave of neon!!? (or if more into romance – go for pearls)

Up for a hunt?

GO HUNTING – at flee markets!

Souvenirs oh souvenirs! Two more treasures and memories that actually ´adorn my home´ and warm my heart… I found the old industrial fan  at a flee market in awesome New York, a MUST HAVE! Its heavy as H… and I paid for every single gram of overweight to bring it home to Denmark! But no regrets, I love it and it fits my interior deco perfectly – together with my airplane, made by a street-vendor in Ghana, my living room gets a touch of history while its still in line with the, I say it again, industrial look !

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