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INVITE YOUR CEILING – to the funky party!

I have a huge passion for funky ceilings! I am sick and tired of white ceilings – I have said it before and I say it again, the ceiling is as much a part of the room as the walls – why so afraid of doing something crazy!?

I know these stripy-options might be a bit over the edge for some people, but nevertheless I want to show you how including the ceiling in the interior design gives a complete look! AND I love to go aaaaaaall the way!

AND FOR THE CLASSIC – see the effect?



Wanna enjoy your golden age here??

Sorry, but I´d rather die than getting locked up in a place like this!
I would simply turn in to a grumpy and depressed old lady! 

Take a look at these photos, do you recognize how your grandparents used to sit in the warm and welcoming “lounge”? How does it make you feel thinking your grandparents, parents or maybe yourself possible (hopefully not) will end your days in surroundings like this?

I´ll start this debate by telling a short story about my meeting with residential homes in Denmark. My mum was working in a residential home since I was newborn until I turned 25, which means I, in many ways, kicked off my life there! BUT, as far as I remember the place looked like, and the atmosphere felt like being at my grandparents house with old furnitures, wallpaper, carpets, small sconces, long and heavy curtains and fluffy often home crocheted pillows in different brownish and orange patterns. Unfortunately (in this context), it seems like, times has changed big time! In Denmark everything has turned into be so minimalistic, even at the residential homes they have peeled of the textile from the armchairs, if you are lucky the chairs have “arms”! It seems like the people (who I still really don’t know who are) don’t think about or simply forget who the residents are. I have to stress that I have also been at homes for elderly anno 2014, where the interior design was spot on! Unfortunately I have a feeling that it isn’t the tendency, what do you think?

I was chocked the day my grandmother moved into, what it actually was, her last home! HOME!?? ! “Naked” white walls, no colors, no fluffy pillows, old furnitures, cozy curtains – no nothing!! BUT SIGNS! Hmm, I don’t remember my grandma used to put up signs! The interior design in this so called home couldn’t be more far from where my grandma came from. What I want to address here is the lack of thoughts behind the interior design in the common areas! Behind her own door she was aloud to bring almost all here own furnitures (but still white walls and dazzling ceiling lights). How dare we offer our elderly surroundings like this and call it a home?

Ill soon bring summaries from studies, links and articles addressing the link between interior design, health and wellbeing!

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