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The Danish artist Julsgaard nails it!!!

The Danish artist Christina Julsgaard hit my heart, and I must say, that ain´t easy at least painting-wise 😉 But the colorful paintings by Christina just speak to me in a way that paintings very rarely do! Christina manage to express feelings, experiences and dreams into a visual world of colorful abstractions.

Christina Julsgaard has an interesting background as a fashion designer. Her career started already when she was 20, working for a Danish design company leading her to become the founder of her own fashion label YIIP Copenhagen. Her designs are minimalistic and clear in expression, NOT being said, that the interpretation is manyfold and endless! That exactly what I really love about her – so clear but still a never-ending  search in the world of colors, feelings and thoughts! 

I can’t express it better than… Ole Lindboe, editor of the magazine Art, does at Christina Julsgaards website – SHE HAS AN INDESCRIBABLE ABILITY TO HIT A MOOD! 

How do you like it?? 

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Christina Julsgaard was among the 102 Danish artists chosen to decorate an elephant sculpture for the Elephant Parade, a cultural event, which adorned the streets of Copenhagen in aid of saving the Asian elephants. And more to the East Christina had a solo exhibition at a gallery in Shanghai, which she now regularly collaborates with a joint exhibition in Hong Kong and a gallery in the Netherlands.

If you want to see her paintings in real life, Berlin is the place in spring 2014. Keep an eye on her webpage, from where you can also buy her artwork and a range of other cool stuff like artsy iphonecovers, t-shirts, scarfs, posters keychains!

Photo: Cjulsgaard.dk

Photo: Cjulsgaard.dk

Thanks to Christina for letting me share her artwork with you! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I do! 🙂 

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