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Happy Birthday Bowl Margrethe!


The Danish Margrethe bowl turns 60 years and it is still going strong! The bowl came into production already in 1950 but it didn’t become really popular until 1954 when it was named after Princesse Margrethe who had just been elected for the throne. The Margrethe bowl is one of the first productions in Denmark after the 2. world war made in plastic. After the war it was hard to get materials which means you had to use what you could get, for ROSTI the company behind the bowl, it was  melamine plastic. The bowl is drawn in Sigvard Bernadotte (Queen Margrethe´s uncle) og Acton Bjørns studio  one of the first industrial design studios. The cool thing about The Margrethe bowl is – its really functional, it comes in every color , its pretty cheap AND it last forever!

IF YOU ARE INTO CLASSIC TRENDY COLOR PALETTE – Grey, black and petrol Margrethe is so cool!


The Margrethe bowl is designed to stack with other Margrethe bowls of different sizes, it has a handle and spout so you can pour it, and in 1968 it was further developed with a rubber ring on the bottom so it can stand properly on the kitchen counter. Margrethe bowl is a Danish design icon that has appeared on postage stamps and is a part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

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