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Get inspired – DIY House of Books!

At first it reminded me of my beloved Eames – House of Cards – very contemporary not to mention the tv-show! If you love books like me, this is the coolest option ever – is it possible to make our own House of Books? WHY NOT!! 😀 

The German designer Werner Aisslinger is really inspiring and I can only recommend you to browse around his page Studio Aisslinger. As said on his page Aisslinger covers the spectrum of experimental, artistic approaches, including industrial design and architecture. He delights in making use of the latest technologies and has helped introduce new materials and techniq ues to the world of product design… Nothing to disagree!!

I am really inspired to create my own bookshelf – all you need is heaps loads of old books, that you don´t want to read again. They are often to be find in containers or flee markets or ask your network to start a collection for you 😉

The cool thing about this installation it is a self sufficient system that can grow itself, any read book is a resource, as Aisslinger says – the system feeds itself!

If you have any ideas where to get the metal connector like the one shown on the photo,

PLEASE let me know!!! Ill go hunting for it too…


DIY industrial built in shelves!

I had this weird useless space in my kitchen area that wasn’t used for anything – simply waste of space! I always wanted a huge bookshelf and I love the mix of styles, so I thought that this could be a great place to make an industrial bookshelf – it would fit perfectly to my 12 arms chandelier! I found some old scaffold decks in a recycle construction warehouse. They cost about DKK 125 for one and additional costs if you need them to cut it into a certain size. Scaffold decks are really heavy and you’ll need long screws to make the shelf last BUT they are so cool, really industrial and you´ll the most spacious bookshelf ever! All you need is a long piece of wood cut into laths, long screws and plugs and maybe a bit of paint. I chose to paint the laths black so they won’t be too vicious, I liked them to blend into the industrial look. You can built lots of great furnitures with scaffold decks – I think it could be real awesome as a desk not to mention a bench or a dining table!

There are so many possibilities but my next scaffold deck-project will probably be a desk, like the one below, but I´d like to add a plate of copper on top because of the grooves and get either black metallic or shiny colored metal legs – depends on where I decide to put it, hmm need a new home to decorate 😉

What do you think? Any ideas or experiences? 🙂

#2 Weekend Interior Hunt!


This is my second weekend hunt post, for those who weren’t with me last weekend Ill do weekend posts on web hunt – Ill go for unique vintage treasures and modern  pieces that will make a perfect match! My mission is to find stuff you can’t get in the local mall or main-design-store! – Let me know if you know of a certain place, that I have to check out, I´d LOVE IT 🙂

Keep repeating myself, BUT to me the most interesting and exuberant interior design comes true when you mix styles and materials! Spice your new fab home up with a piece of vintage, up cycling treasures, original classic design – I promise you once you go vintage you’ll never go back 😉 !

´Be alert” means only one piece available or SALE – grab it right away!

Always start BIG – then go for accessories! So, lets check out this weekends cool furnitures!

I´ve been looking at this table made by an old door for a long time. I think its has a great look of both modern and vintage, that I simply love! You can get your own personal one made, in what ever color that might fit your style and personality! You can order it at Genbyg for 5500DKK (incl. door/filling/glass), but if you are a bit handy I think this is a wonderful DIY project for the Spring to come! Don’t you think? 

I KNOW, industrial industrial … I can’t keep myself from it, as long as its NOT ONLY industrial I really like the edgy and rough look, a good idea is to mix it with a soft look like textiles or a bit more “heartwarming” prints, candles or vintage lightbulbs 😉 This old French bookshelf is so cool but a bit pricy DKK 9500 (and might be heavy) – and if you live in the States I think you´ll be able to find a similar one though not original old ones at Restoration Hardware   – same goes for the nice old ´doctor´ cupboard from the 40´s, its 5500DKK from No40  – check out their homepage, cause they do only have ´ ´ALERT´pieces!

And know for the accessories, heartwarming bits´n pieces in contrast to the rough furnitures!

Since I discovered Etsy I´ve had to myself in handcuffs – simply TOO much cool stuff at the same spot!

Check out the Eames inspired calendar print, It just makes me smile – lovely colors, heartwarming expression and even more heartwarming price 😉 DKK 150! AND EAMES vintage memory cards – aren’t they just cozy and decorative!?? There are several on sale for about DKK 60!

And all the way back to Denmark to Smukt Brugt vintage shop! Again industrial but this old spot from a train is really cool and it can be yours for DKK 700! And if you look closely at the poster photo and the table you´ll notice similar candlesticks – German nagel/ BMF! They are so cool and you can make and re-make as many times as you like and give it a new look! If you aren’t in Denmark check em out on Etsy, there have more!




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