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Get inspired – DIY House of Books!

At first it reminded me of my beloved Eames – House of Cards – very contemporary not to mention the tv-show! If you love books like me, this is the coolest option ever – is it possible to make our own House of Books? WHY NOT!! 😀 

The German designer Werner Aisslinger is really inspiring and I can only recommend you to browse around his page Studio Aisslinger. As said on his page Aisslinger covers the spectrum of experimental, artistic approaches, including industrial design and architecture. He delights in making use of the latest technologies and has helped introduce new materials and techniq ues to the world of product design… Nothing to disagree!!

I am really inspired to create my own bookshelf – all you need is heaps loads of old books, that you don´t want to read again. They are often to be find in containers or flee markets or ask your network to start a collection for you 😉

The cool thing about this installation it is a self sufficient system that can grow itself, any read book is a resource, as Aisslinger says – the system feeds itself!

If you have any ideas where to get the metal connector like the one shown on the photo,

PLEASE let me know!!! Ill go hunting for it too…


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