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Weekend hunt and color ref!

I have always been a huge fan of petrol and the blue color palette! It gives the room a calm and warm atmosphere and even though we are heading towards brighter days, sun and lightness – you’ll never go wrong with this color! IF you are a color person 😉

For this weekend hunt I have browsed around wearing my “color glasses”, look what I found!

The confetti dinner ware is made by Alumnia and comes in different colors all named after Danish women, its vintage and upperclass antique, a bit pricy BUT really cool and up to date interior wise! I found this wonderful selection in Tante Tulis shop in Amager. The NotKnot pillow is from Luxo Living – I love the soft and dynamic shape and the grey color fits perfectly!

AND welcome to my kitchen – I want to show you how the color can add a cozy and warm atmosphere! Do you agree? I am in the process of finding a new light source in the kitchen. I really love my chandelier but I´ve had it for years and I want some changes – a new look! BUT I am on a budget! I have an idea that I want a selection of longarmed-wall-lamps and maybe in combination with this cool and VERY cheap one from IKEA only DKK 79! I want to add a hard material to the soft wall and I think the Aluminum material is quite good!

A little selection from Tante Tuli that brings the color up front! The vase must be next investment, if you are nearby Copenhagen visit Tante Tuli its worth it 🙂


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