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Take it out on your wall!

Today’s material – TILES!

The next couple of days, as promised, my focus will be on wall deco. Walls are a the frame of the interior playground but I believe the whole frame, whether walls, ceiling or floor should be included in the interior design to make a complete expression – you simply cant neglect the frame – there is no scene without a frame, its like a book with no words – so TAKE IT OUT ON YOUR WALL!

I love tiles – they add an edge to the room, a mix of materials, tiles, wallpaper, paint, wood etc. makes the room dynamic and alive! Personally my heart beats for the funkiest ones, but in the right mix – combined with plain surfaces, they become more modern and classic!

There are no limits in the use of tiles – we have passed the time where tiles only belong to the kitchen and the bathroom! Give your room a makeover – you don’t need to make a whole wall, just a couple of tiles will add an edge and bring it to life!

First, Ill show the famous artilles – I know its “old news”, but I still think they sticks!

I actually used artilles (from http://www.arttiles.dk) for a project at Saint Martins College of Art. The project was to design a bathroom for a couple living in the high end of London. Based on a description of their personal profiles, I decided to make a mixed-style bathroom with a funky but classic touch – my main colors were black, gold and petrol! Since the couple had met each other in London I wanted to include that fact in the interior design, to give it a personal touch without being a cliché! SO, stick to the wall – i drew a wall made by small black mosaic tiles and art tiles in petrol, black, white colors – the art tiles formed a skinny version of London Tower Bridge! Get inspired by something you love, something that makes you happy looking at and create your own personal wall art!

These ones are awesome and I haven’t seen them used anywhere in Denmark, thats a shame! I have a billion of ideas how to create the most funky bubble-room, but again if you mix materials and surfaces the bubble tiles can be quite classic as well – if you are into classic style go for clean surfaces, same color shades but different materials! Go bubblicious!

MORE FUNK! Can you imagine a whole wall of these – psychedelic maybe, but funk to perfection! These tiles are described

“Tiles of Playfulness Synergy of Light Colors, Impressionism and Tiles”! 

If you can’t bare starring at your white tiles like me – go get some paint and make your own artwork! This one is made by Diva artworks http://www.divaartworks.com/Tiles.html , but why not do it yourself!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST! As much as I love the funky, crazy stuff I am totally amazed by gold and copper, and I can easily imagine myself in a room covered up in steel tiles – ITS SO CLASSY!!!!!!!


GO CRAZY ON YOUR WALLS – the next couple of days you’ll get more on wall deco, stay tuned and happy decorating! 

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