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CONCRETE living!!!!

If you are into the industrial kind of living and you ever get the chance to go to Germany – give yourself a stay at DasPark Hotel! This hotel is simply too cool, imagine staying in a concrete sewer pipe – Does it get more industrial, I don’t think so 😉 Each pipe comes equipped with a double bed, a small storage space, and a desk-side lamplight, you even get a cotton sleeping bag! All other hotelery devices are supplied by the surrounding public space. This is a fabulous opportunity, a unique way of minimalistic traveling. Andreas Strauss, the man behind this creative project, has not only taken creative accommodation to a higher level (if you ask me), he has also created an experience for (almost) everybody with his pay-as-you-wish system, a system where customers leave a Euro amount that they can afford and with which they wish to support our project!

Reservations can be made at www.dasparkhotel.net/reservation at any time.


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