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FLEE HUNT – treasure or trash?!

I have just been at the “Thieves” flee market in Lisbon, and if it wasn’t for my cheap-handluggage-flight back home, I would have bought the entire market! Unfortunately I only had space enough for a little blue vase!

As said before I am born and raised in a “flee-family”, taught by the best dumpster divers, blessed with an eagle eye for flee-treasures! But when it comes to find treasures for your home you are the only one able to separate treasures from trash. What I always do before I throw myself into haggling over prices I ask myself – Is it an investment? Can I sell again? If so, Im able to forgive myself if I regret the buy or change my interior design.

You don’t have to be born a dumpster diver, you can learn how to go ´flee hunting´- Ill give you 5 tips – virgin or pro!

1. Always get there early if you want to get hands on the real unique treasures – collectors, store owners an pro-hunters will be there before sunrise, so get up and get out! If you have the guts to wait, sure the price haggling will get easier in the end of the day, but usually only trash is left, but again it depends!

2. If you are looking for furnitures GO BIG first and then SMALL – furnitures always go first!

3. Forget about the new stuff – if you ask a flee-hunter its the definition of trash! And if you are looking for uniqueness, personality and investments go classic, go old, go vintage! I don’t know why, but it seems like more and more new stuff is sneaked into the markets, it simply distracts your hunt!

4. Always pick shape over color – you can always change the color! Think out of the box – ask yourself where do I want to put it, how do I want to use it – picture it in your favorite color, with your favorite textile – are you still into it? TAKE IT!.. pssst, but remember to calculate in all costs (paint, textile, glue etc.).

5. Haggle! To be honest I always haggle, its a part of the game and everybody knows – so does the vendors! Actually I know plenty vendors who find it boring if the customers don’t haggle, so don’t be shy to try! But be respectful and before you kick off consider your limits and how much you want it! Sometimes I´ve lost MUST HAVE TREASURES because of my gambling-stupidness, so if you truly believe that they are overcharging you, HAGGLE! And if you really can’t afford it, tell them and explain how much you really love that piece of little art-thingy – some are emotional about their stuff and want it to go to the best home!

Whats hot and salable right now?  

Industrial lamps in every size and shapes – go for the real deal, no copies, they are often made of soft metal and you might find the exact same in IKEA. The huge spot is a hot-pick at the moment – the smaller ones are always salable,but if you don’t like the color, think twice before you pick up the spray paint, it might not be salable or you won’t get the price if you re-paint the original color!

I love the woman’s face, its decorative and hot stuff for the vintage lovers interior design, it isn’t an investment but its a piece of personality and atmosphere, unfortunately I did not get her! Suitcases, HOT STUFF, forget about the new metal cabin from Samsonite, go OLD, very old! Age is gold, when it comes to suitcases – they are hot for vintage interior design, they are perfect for storage and awesome decoration! I have plenty and they add a cozy and “storytelling” touch to the room, STACK EM! More metal lamps and last but not least letters. As shown in earlier posts old letters used for advertising are in the high end – get the with or without light, different shapes and colors – its a trend, but not an investment! If you are an investment hunter search for old classic designer, could be Danish design, furnitures, old old christmas deco-accessories – a no go is silver, its not on top right now, but as everything else flee-market-hunting is dynamic, goes hand in hand with design and trend!



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