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My beloved wall!

My huge crush on industrial DIY projects made me carry this extremely heavy ´store grid´home!

I was attacked by ideas and the first one that came to me – THIS has to hang upon my bed in the ceiling (since I love decorating ceilings), had to give up cause of the weight! But, I have now found a cheap and easy option, if any of you want a grid-ceiling – Ill post a ´how to do it´ here

SO, I chose another option! I needed a place to hang my bulbs, small art-things and private treasures and I wanted to collect them in to a whole piece of wall-deco that I can keep add-on with my treasures of the… mmm week!

This is how it end up! Cheap, simple and industrial. I know it was quite a luck that I found this original store-grid, but you can make a similar and cool one yourself – this way has even more possibilities! check it out on

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