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Kids drawings! ??… (family photos)

Its Tuesday and the sun is shining in Copenhagen, whats not to love! When the sun is shining my mind explodes, I get so many impressions leading to way too many ideas how to redecorate our home, so I decided to take my lap top and leave for a chai latte at my favorite cafe – my way to avoid any kind of home duties and distractions! Instead I was hit by all the impressions that I get when I´m surrounded by people! Its like when I go for a run… I´ve heard that many runners run to clear their head, but when I run I get hit by millions and millions of thoughts – actually I often get the best ideas when I go for a run, but the downside is that I have to write them down, a bit annoying… hmm, but maybe it comes down to, I actually clear my head and therefor it creates more space to creative thoughts and ideas!

Every time I come to my friends place she “complaints” about all the (not so) beautiful drawings that she gets from her son almost a new production every single day! She asked me if I had any ideas what to do with them! Hmm… Today I was hit by an idea… Taylor & Wood! 

Taylor & Wood have made this frame wallpaper, that looks cool with or without personal decoration! But of cause Ill go for a personal touch, so why not let the kids either draw directly at the wallpaper (in the frames) or glue up their drawings? … another option is to let the kids add colors to the streets of New York city, why not… fun, cool and personal right! 😉 AND of cause this wallpaper would be perfect for family photos as well!

Det er tirsdag og solen skinner i København, intet at klage over! Når solen skinner eksploderer mit hoved, jeg bliver bombarderet med indtryk, der fører til alt for mange ideer, derfor pakkede jeg min lap top og smuttede ned på min yndlings cafe  for at nyde en chai latte – min måde at undgå enhver slags hjemlige pligter OG undgå at blive distraheret!  I stedet vil jeg bare suge til mig af alle de indtryk, som jeg får, når jeg er omgivet af mennesker! Fuldstændig som når jeg løber en tur … Jeg har hørt, at mange løbere løber for at tømme deres hoved, men når jeg løber, bliver jeg tværtimod ramt af millioner af tanker – jeg får faktisk ofte de bedste ideer, når jeg løber en tur, ulempen er bare, at jeg er nødt til at skrive dem ned, lidt irriterende … hmm , men måske betyder det, at jeg faktisk tømmer hovedet, så der bliver plads til de kreative tanker og ideer!

Min veninde “klager” tit over alle de (ikke så ) smukke tegninger, som hun næsten dagligt får fra sin søn! SÅ, forleden dag spurgte hun, om jeg ikke havde en eller anden ide til, hvad hun skulle stille op med alle kunstværkerne! OG… I dag blev jeg ramt af en ide – Taylor & Woods!

Taylor & Wood har lavet tapetet dekoreret med tomme rammer, der ser fedt ud både med og uden personlige dekorationer, men jeg vil selvfølgelig gå for det personlige touch – så hvorfor ikke lade børnene enten tegne direkte i rammerne eller klistre deres tegninger op? … en anden mulighed er at lade børnene farvelægge New Yorks gader, ja, hvorfor ikke… sjovt, cool og personligt! 😉 OG… selvfølgelig er Taylor & Wood tapet også perfekt til familie billeder!

Have a wonderful Tuesday everybody! 🙂


MR. PERSWALL – Its not about trends, its not about colors it all about reflection of what is and what feels contemporary in our society!

I know I am unstoppable when it comes to walls, and these ones are simply fantastic – I cane even choose which one I like most, I can imagine myself sitting in every kind of the spheres, the settings, the moods, its simply about how you feel OR how you want to feel!

Check out Mr. Perswall website and you´ll be catcher in a world of worlds all irresistible in their own way – Im seduced!







True, this is eyepopping!

THIS ONE SPEAKS FOR ITSELF! It was love at first sight – first but no longer last time that Ill be sitting in front of a lion feeling calm and dazzling!

Check out Sheerlux or surf around my posts on wall deco, you can get the coolest stuff!!

Cover up your walls and DREAM AWAY!

Time for tiles!

Take it out on your wall!

MIRROR MIRROR on the wall!



MIRROR MIRROR on the wall!

Do not underestimate the effect of mirrors!

Mirrors have a marvelous ability to make a room feel double its size! So, if you are fighting for more space, go for mirrors – its nothing new, but it still works! I would go for mirrors in difference sizes and styles – I am especially in to old “storytelling” mirrors. The last ones I´ve bought was from a girl who occupied an old bathhouse for living – in there she found two original old mirrors hanging in the former locker room – lucky me!

When you group the mirrors they give the illusion of being a beautiful one piece of art, but if you separate them into a form of pattern you’ll be able to create cohesion between rooms – which is crucial to make a calm expression.

Tips for mirrors:

  • Make sure, that view, reflected in the mirror is pleasant.
  • Avoid reflection of doors, kitchen, messy areas and other views you don’t want to double.
  • Hang mirrors to reflect nice window view – it brings more light – artworks, wallpaper and your favorite bits and pieces.

One of my best buys are these copper mirrors from IKEA, so cheap – 10 pcs 100DKK – stick em´to the wall and here you go, CLASSY and SIMPLE!  When I look from my living room to the hall, I get a feeling of coherence even though I  sometimes mix styles – if I keep interior accessories that creates coherence I can go crazy in other areas (vintage, modern, industrial, mixed styles) but still feel the coherence between the rooms interior wise

You can get these stick-to-wall mirrors in any kind of shapes and colors – letter mirrors just caught my eye, funky, fun and classic! It doesn’t seem of much, but it makes a huge change! You can get the letter mirror in different sizes, check out—funky/4/

Another option is to get hold of one these ICONIC mirrors!

Cover up your walls and DREAM AWAY!


it makes your dream come true in a sec! (or at least make you fly away) 

You can change your room into whatever setting you’d like to be – in the forest, on the beach, on the road, in a library, on the back of a tiger, in the jungle on the sea or in a birdcage! You name it – Ill find it!

The possibilities are endless, which made it quite a challenge to pick up some to show you! As usual I´ve picked some of the most unique ones and some more classic – industrial surprise!

Wanna color up your life – follow me! 

This selection is from Mandrup Poulsen Tapeter and Photowall – check out and

Or, you can go all the way and get your own photo turned into a photowall – cool??! Imagine a huge family photo! Actually one of my favorite interior designers The Novogratz redecorated a kids rooms with a custom photography wallpaper. LIKE IT?

If you are more into calm colors, but still want it to be unique and sophisticated, check these ones out! To honor my beloved city Copenhagen and our local designer I´ve chosen to show you this piece of drawing art. The Danish life drawer, Kasper Købke has drawn the streets by hand – It has taken him 6 months, how do you like the result?

The sophisticated lady is launched in 2013, designed by Gio Pagani! He has made many awesome walldecos in this style – check out . Architonic collects all newest designs and trends – go for a tour on their website -you´ll never come out!

For the room with THE VIEW, I find it funny and really cool! And if it works as well in real life, I think they’ve done a marvelous job!

Its no secret that I love the industrial look, and if you aren’t aloud to tear “your wall apart” (like me), the perfect option is right here! And I think it works really well! Of cause Ill always prefer the real deal, but if thats a no go, go for this!!


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