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Just got the little clint mini task lamp from West Elm! The foot is made of marble! Buy it at West Elms webshop, they send directly to Europe within few days!

Light´n street credit!

More lights in the dark! Todays gallery is for those who love industrial design – I spotted these awesome lamps in the streets of New Yorks! 

I´ll give you a cheap and easy way to make similar once (first photo) – look More for Less!

Industrial interior treasures are growing rapidly in Europe! Take a look at Leben Cph, K & Co or No40 Copenhagen or maybe Kvindesmedien at Christiania

Enlighten me!! 10 hot lamps for a cold vinter!

I need light when January surrounds me with darkness! All I need is light and HOT chocolate! I´ve picked 10 hot shot lamps for you – Todays picks are unique, classic and my favorite right now COPPER! 

  1. Unique table lamp, HANDMADE by Luke Lamp Co , simple and stylish giving a warm and cozy light. Get it at 
  2. Floor lamps are so cool! And this on will add a industrial and classic touch to your room Get it at
  3. One more floor or table lamp. It has a unique attitude and a flexible form! The copper ball can be rotated, to light it any direction you like, maybe for a mood spot on a piece of art! Get at
  4. Go for edge, for go Luke Lamp Co! Its handmade and limited, so cool vintage spotlight made by wood and cord. Get it at
  5. Another version and the last for now! HANDMADE, simple and classic by Luke Lamp Co. Get it at
  6.  This one is a piece of beautiful Danish design made by Anour!! Handcraft, quality and custom made in different kinds of metal. Order it at
  7. This treasure is called endless straight and designed by Jason Miller. Its simple and awesome! Light and classic! This one has three units, but also exists in a five unit. Get it at
  8. One of the coolest floor lamps if you are in to minimalistic and classic design! This floor is designed by Rich Brilliant Willing – get it at
  9. One more by the Jason Miller, I simply love the simple and rough edge he makes! This one is also made in different sizes, get it at
  10. Last but not least an Italian – could say a classic! I´ve seen it a lot but even though  I still love it! We are in a time where the trend is dominated by a rough industrial look, and sometime I miss a little ”sweetness”, so why not go for wings! Ingo Maurer made this beautiful little piece and hold on – it comes as a chandelier as well!! Get it at

Hope you are inspired! If not let me know, if you search for anything specific – I would love to go hunting!

Cant get enough bulbs!

My ´addiction´ right now are light bulbs, just can’t get enough! Scandinavia is such a dark spot in these month, it makes me search, like a newborn chicken, for shelter under a hot lamp! I found this fantastic light chain in a shop in Copenhagen. You can use it straight as it is OR make ou own creative chandelier – How do you like it?


Photo from, DKK 500kr

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