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Time to sleep – Pick your favorite?

I admit, I have a very eclectic taste, especially when it comes to interior design! I can actually live in almost any kind of settings as long as it works – I have to see a common thread and feel the ideas behind the choices made! Nothing happens by chance when it comes to my way of creating a home!

That’s one of the reasons why I fall in love with designs in all directions and love to do interior design projects in any kind of styles! I perceive interior design as creative artwork – I imagine an empty scene where the challenge is to transform it – make it express a specific feeling, mood and atmosphere – a scene that provides the framework for specific actions!

Well its time to sleep! I have made this broad selection of cool beds ranging from expensive design to cheaper options, ranging from industrial to classic and funky pics!

Which one is your favorite?

Go to sleep or stay up and take a look at this DIY bed frame – this is for sure my next project!!!! 

This is awesome bed is a Beam Bed by Lago – you can do the frame in many kind of ways, but check out this link

Beam Bed by Lago

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