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GO HUNTING – at flee markets!

Souvenirs oh souvenirs! Two more treasures and memories that actually ´adorn my home´ and warm my heart… I found the old industrial fan  at a flee market in awesome New York, a MUST HAVE! Its heavy as H… and I paid for every single gram of overweight to bring it home to Denmark! But no regrets, I love it and it fits my interior deco perfectly – together with my airplane, made by a street-vendor in Ghana, my living room gets a touch of history while its still in line with the, I say it again, industrial look !

Why, ugly souvenirs?

Nobody likes them, nobody knows where to ”hide” them, and nobody dares to get rid of them, so why buy them? And even worse why give them to someone you actually like? Everybody (or MANY) spends a major amount of money buying them; everybody carries them all the way home! Everybody (ALMOST) lies when they get a souvenir-gift!

Don’t you? Well I do!

That’s why I have decided not to buy souvenirs anymore, at least not to people I like! What I do instead is buying stuff that I can use in my interior design – a storytelling-souvenir, not a mass produced, but a unique thing that I would love to look, a souvenir that reminds me of how, where, with whom I got it!

 Ill share my most beloved travel pick-ups with you! Show me your favorite souvenirs!!

My Jordanian souvenir

First one is from Jordan! I went for a walk and saw this poster plastered on a board, saying “Experience Jordan”, standing outside a tourist office. They used it to keep the door from slamming – which means it was, as the lady in the office said, spoiled by the rain, and it was, but thats what I liked! I begged her to buy it, but she wouldn’t sell it, cause she didn’t have anything else to keep the door from slamming! I offered her to find something that could manage that task, but she refused! UNTIL the very last day of our holiday – I went to the shop, she looked at me, laughed, and gave me the spoiled poster plastered on wood, and I was so GRATEFUL! couldn’t get a better souvenir from Jordan!

Second one is brought home from Ghana! I stayed in Ghana for 5 month and almost everyday I walked by the lovely shoe-doctor on my way to work. Since it was somehow near 1000 degree, I wore flip flops, that obviously didn’t match his polish-kit – cause they were made of pure rubber! But he had something else that caught my eye and made me smile – his homemade shop-sign! Just before I went back to Denmark I asked him if I could buy it, he laughed loudly and said 6 dollars – now I have the best memory of my trip to Ghana, my everyday walk to work and the lovely shoe-doctor!

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