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Copper´n candles DIY!

I must admit that I do like the copper look especially if its not a mass production! I found a ´recipe´ for a DIY project at the blog Kreavilla to make these beautiful candlesticks. I really wanted to make them myself but I had to face it – I just dont have time right now, so I started to search around and found a man in Denmark who makes exactly these candlesticks! I contacted Peter, who is retired and wanted to spends his time doing something fun – candlesticks! You can order the sticks just as you like them – if you are too busy for DIY projects;)

The sticks are made of copper pipes available in most construction shops. Check Kreavilla for a list of everything needed for the  candlestick project!

If you want t make an order, contact me for the Peters details.


Take your DIY light to a higher level!

… Add a piece of the Italian designer Ingo Maurer to your lightbulbs! 

Remember these cuties ?

You can actually buy a pair of wings and make your own unique “birdie”!

Go to—birdie-lucellino-vinger/ and order a pair of Ingo Maurer wings for DKK 275

Go industrial for less money!

I doubt you haven’t noticed that I love incandescent bulbs! And right now they are not only HOT but so one of the cheapest ways to add class and edge to your home!

For Copenhagen followers go to the nearest  and ask for incandescent bulbs (glødepærer eller de gamble kultrådspærer) or buy them even cheaper on All you need is what you see!

Here is how I have used them on the stairway!

DIY light bulbs

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