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Paint is magic!!!

Easter in Copenhagen has been awesome, sunny, warm and very relaxed! Every spring when I see just a tiny little sunbeam it makes me wanna paint everything in bright and funny colors – this spring no exception! For the first time in my life I have my own balcony, I am really excited about it and want to make is as cozy as possible but right now I haven’t got the money to do shameless shopping! But lucky me, when I went to my grandparents they had an old bench that they were going to throw out – but I saw potential and NOW it has a future at my balcony! What do you think, cozy or  crazy? 😉



All you need is to clean and grind it before painting – choose a good paint, that can resist the weather! 


Påsken i København har været SKØN, solrig, varm og meget afslappet! Hvert forår, når jeg ser den mindste solstråle, får jeg lyst til at male alt i lyse og sjove farver – dette forår er ingen undtagelse! For første gang i mit liv, har jeg min egen altan, jeg er virkelig begejstret for den og vil gøre så hyggelig som overhovedet muligt, men lige nu har jeg ingen penge til at shoppe skamløst rundt! Jeg var så heldig, da jeg besøgte mine bedsteforældre, at de havde en gammel bænk, som de ville smide ud, men jeg så straks et potentiale og nu har den fremtid på min altan! Hvad synes du, hyggelig eller skør? 😉


IKEA a great place for interior-hacking!


I wanted a table for my living room but couldn’t really find any – they were either mass produced or victim to designer exploitation (if there happens to exist a word like this 😉 ) So, I went to IKEA and survived the massive traffic and the sight of mass-production, but… of cause there is a BUT, IKEA actually has many basic product, cheap and perfect for DIY projects! My table included… I found this IKEA VITTSJÖ table, actually two-in-one table for DKK 369!  Since I can’t really stand glass tables I thought that the main thing for my project would be the black metallic frame.

My idea was to create a simple, light looking table with room for magazines and small annoying things. I also wanted a mat-look would could turn-out looking used – here comes the chalkboard paint that I just can’t get enough of 😉

How do you like the result!? 


… and happy Wednesday



Go high – use your space!

I have always wanted to built my own couch, to begin with I was quite amazed by building one in pallets, but it has become too boring, so what to do? last time I went to the cinema I got the idea that OF CAUSE I should build a couch in levels – wouldnt it be too cool not to mention too cozy to hang out in a couch like this – not in a  café, not in the cinema but in your own crib? I´D LOVE IT!!

The German Aisslinger Studio is the master behind this awesome couch! Maybe its a bit too office-ish, but my head is spinning around thinking that it must be possible to do it yourself, maybe add softness and more coziness with huge pillows and soft mattresses – how do you like that idea? 🙂

I think its so cool! and why not use the space and go high! Any ideas how to make it? I simply have to try 😉 


XX Daniélle 

DIY industrial built in shelves!

I had this weird useless space in my kitchen area that wasn’t used for anything – simply waste of space! I always wanted a huge bookshelf and I love the mix of styles, so I thought that this could be a great place to make an industrial bookshelf – it would fit perfectly to my 12 arms chandelier! I found some old scaffold decks in a recycle construction warehouse. They cost about DKK 125 for one and additional costs if you need them to cut it into a certain size. Scaffold decks are really heavy and you’ll need long screws to make the shelf last BUT they are so cool, really industrial and you´ll the most spacious bookshelf ever! All you need is a long piece of wood cut into laths, long screws and plugs and maybe a bit of paint. I chose to paint the laths black so they won’t be too vicious, I liked them to blend into the industrial look. You can built lots of great furnitures with scaffold decks – I think it could be real awesome as a desk not to mention a bench or a dining table!

There are so many possibilities but my next scaffold deck-project will probably be a desk, like the one below, but I´d like to add a plate of copper on top because of the grooves and get either black metallic or shiny colored metal legs – depends on where I decide to put it, hmm need a new home to decorate 😉

What do you think? Any ideas or experiences? 🙂

Paint and happiness! DIY drawers

Things aren’t exactly going my way at the moment! After 34 years I have finally found my way to cope with hard and challenging times – Ill need to do something creative, to change the look of my surroundings! This weekend I just couldn’t stand the brown look of my drawer, it was simply to depressing for me, simply too BROWN! The brown color doesn’t exactly remind of spring and happiness, so I decided very spontaneously to paint it! Here is the evidence of my weekends best mindfulness-activity 😉

I have picked the drawer up from a container, so the costs of this little DIY project was very little! If you, like me, often change colors and stuff I´d recommend you to be the small paint-samples instead of buying a whole bucket. The only thing about samples is the quality, but if you only need it for drawers its perfect!


Im happy! 



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