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The focus should be on interior, but I know from myself, that I often wonder who the person behind the blog is – sometimes everything suddenly makes a lot more sense – so here is a piece of me in short words and photos!

Daniélle Bertelsen, 35, true city girl – born and raised in Copenhagen actually on the so-called shitty Island!

Eclectic in taste and passionate in almost any corner of life!

There isn’t far from love to hate, from smile to tears – She´s an open book, you get what you see!

A vegetarian and raw food lover who is addicted to sugar and sushi!

A former figure skater that wishes to become an ice hockey player!

A shopaholic who loves to sell stuff!

A handywoman who wants to do everything herself and add her personal touch to EVERYTHING!

A traveller who cant get enough of the world but still loves the shitty Copenhagen island!

An only child who would have loved to have 10976 children and still wants a big brother!

A woman (feels more like a girl) who can’t sit still only in the cinema!

A woman who finds the mainstream boring and the extreme not extreme enough!

A runner, a swimmer, a yogi, a fitness instructor BUT a retarded ball´ er!

A woman who rather run her bike than taking the bus!

A woman who finds it more cozy to walk than running her bike!

A cocktail kind of person who loves everything sweet and still hasn’t learnt to drink red wine (but still wants to)!

A woman who loves being social but needs a lot of time alone to get her projects and ideas off-hand and HEAD!

A woman who needs somebody else to teach her how to relax!

A Danish born woman with Polish roots speaking Danish, English and Russian (so feel free 😉 )

A woman who gets silent and excited like a child when she’s surrounded by lights, fireworks and snacks!!

A woman who hates malls and love flee markets!

A woman who loves the sun but jumps into the water in winter!

A GIRL who is too young to drink coffee but find it so cozy to have a latte (or even better a Chai latte)

A woman who hates to cook but loves to eat healthy!

A woman who is struggling to get stress the link between INTERIOR DESIGN, WELLBEING AND HEALTH!

An interior addict who´s convinced that interior design has´nt got anything what so ever to do with price!

An interior addict who hates the mainstream and loves the odd, unique and crazy!

DANIELLE in a nutshell!




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