Thank you for visiting my blog, 

I hope you feel inspired and enjoy reading it as much as I do writing it! 

Have you ever felt provoked by a shiny white wall and wanted to interrupt the whiteness with a red stripe, have you ever lived in dull and no vibrant surroundings that made you feel depressed or have you ever worked in an office with random furniture and fluorescent lamps that disturbed your concentration and drained you from energy and creativity? I have!

Interior design is a crucial piece of my puzzle – thats why I want to share my passion and interest for interior design with you! 

I love to mix all kind of styles to get a personal look – my style has been described as “Gutsy, provocative, timeless and eclectic” – My journey on this blog is to share ideas and stuff that you might not look after yourself and Ill do my best to go beyond the ordinary and avoid trendy brands, that you find everywhere else – my biggest turn off is  

– non-existent style that shows either that people don’t care or even worse don’t dare! 

Interior Wise is a blog focusing on what surrounds us – One part of my blog is all about having fun, dare to test limits and bring interior design beyond the scope, sharing ideas, photos and inspiring each other! The other part Wise Interior takes a more serious angle on interior design –

Being an MSc in Social Science combined with my huge passion for interior design, I believe interior design should be taken more seriously into account when it comes to our public buildings, institutions and surroundings in general. With Wise Interior I want to address the link between interior design, health and wellbeing! My overall wish is to strengthen the focus and hopefully get a say – Please join me!

HAPPY READING – feel free to contact me, I´ll be happy to hear from you!


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