HOW TO do interior books!

I just got a new interior book from one of my favorites the London based Abigail Ahern! I am a sucker for interior books, not only do they look good in my interior and decoration they give me so much inspiration – my collection of interior literature is very eclectic and when I choose a book it doesnt always come down to the style, I might go in different directions, cause I often find interesting and funny ideas and solution in books that might not appeal to me at first! Here are some of the “how to do interior” books that are either on my shelf or on my wishlist 🙂 




If you are into dark colors, eclectic style and coziness! Ill definitely recommend you
Decorating with style by Abigail Ahern!



Are you more into funky colors, fun and light!?
Ill of cause mention The Novogratz again, but Ive also got the hot for Creative Living London by Emily Wheeler and Adore Home by Loni Parker – very decorative books!








If you want to get deeper into the more technical angle of interior design this small sample is very simple and useful for beginners 

 – Architects Pocket Book 

– Interior Design Visual Presentation

– Lightning for Interior Design 





Love Daniélle










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