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CONCRETE living!!!!

If you are into the industrial kind of living and you ever get the chance to go to Germany – give yourself a stay at DasPark Hotel! This hotel is simply too cool, imagine staying in a concrete sewer pipe – Does it get more industrial, I don’t think so 😉 Each pipe comes equipped with a double bed, a small storage space, and a desk-side lamplight, you even get a cotton sleeping bag! All other hotelery devices are supplied by the surrounding public space. This is a fabulous opportunity, a unique way of minimalistic traveling. Andreas Strauss, the man behind this creative project, has not only taken creative accommodation to a higher level (if you ask me), he has also created an experience for (almost) everybody with his pay-as-you-wish system, a system where customers leave a Euro amount that they can afford and with which they wish to support our project!

Reservations can be made at at any time.



WHEN I CAME ACROSS THE EPOXY FLOOR IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT… I have no doubt in life, if the flat wasn’t my friend´s I would go Epoxy-crazy! The floor coating has everything, its an amazing product that can not only provide great benefits to private home and industrial and commercial companies it also adds the coolest look and edge to your home! The product is shiny and has a dynamic appearance, very appealing in all kinds of room! Though I must recommend, if you aren’t a pro-handy, to hire a person who knows the material – it ain´t that easy to apply!

If you google Epoxy you’ll get heaps of hits both in Europe and abroad … Into industrial, classic but still edgy?



Go high – use your space!

I have always wanted to built my own couch, to begin with I was quite amazed by building one in pallets, but it has become too boring, so what to do? last time I went to the cinema I got the idea that OF CAUSE I should build a couch in levels – wouldnt it be too cool not to mention too cozy to hang out in a couch like this – not in a  café, not in the cinema but in your own crib? I´D LOVE IT!!

The German Aisslinger Studio is the master behind this awesome couch! Maybe its a bit too office-ish, but my head is spinning around thinking that it must be possible to do it yourself, maybe add softness and more coziness with huge pillows and soft mattresses – how do you like that idea? 🙂

I think its so cool! and why not use the space and go high! Any ideas how to make it? I simply have to try 😉 


XX Daniélle 

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