TIME FOR WISE-INTERIOR! The look of todays hospitals…

ITS TIME FOR WISE-INTERIOR! I´ve said it before and I say it again, Ill never get to understand why hospitals have to be SO WHITE, so NOT stimulating and SO boring – if you aren’t sick you might be after looking into a white wall or a white ceiling for just so long… BUT there is still hope 😉

Earlier I´ve showed you how the Danish artist Paul Gernes, back in the 70´s, decorated Herlev Hospital in the most colorful, stimulating and healing wall art – aware of some people found Paul Gernes art a bit over the edge for a hospital! The hospital in Glostrup, Denmark, has also done a great effort to create a warm and nice atmosphere for their patient. How do you find these rooms?


I find the walls very calm, light and warm, but Im afraid there is a BUT cause I still really miss coherence  – it seems like the artist has only concentrated on the walls – what about the floors NOT to mention the ceiling?? I mean the majority of patient in a hospital are lying in a bed with a view to the ceiling! Hmm, and what happened – did they forget all about the bathroom???



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