Go high – use your space!

I have always wanted to built my own couch, to begin with I was quite amazed by building one in pallets, but it has become too boring, so what to do? last time I went to the cinema I got the idea that OF CAUSE I should build a couch in levels – wouldnt it be too cool not to mention too cozy to hang out in a couch like this – not in a  café, not in the cinema but in your own crib? I´D LOVE IT!!

The German Aisslinger Studio is the master behind this awesome couch! Maybe its a bit too office-ish, but my head is spinning around thinking that it must be possible to do it yourself, maybe add softness and more coziness with huge pillows and soft mattresses – how do you like that idea? 🙂

I think its so cool! and why not use the space and go high! Any ideas how to make it? I simply have to try 😉 


XX Daniélle 

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