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Weekend hunt and color ref!

I have always been a huge fan of petrol and the blue color palette! It gives the room a calm and warm atmosphere and even though we are heading towards brighter days, sun and lightness – you’ll never go wrong with this color! IF you are a color person ­čśë

For this weekend hunt I have browsed around wearing my “color glasses”, look what I found!

The confetti dinner ware is made by Alumnia and comes in different colors all named after Danish women, its vintage and upperclass antique, a bit pricy BUT really cool and up to date interior wise! I found this wonderful selection in Tante Tulis shop in Amager. The NotKnot pillow is from Luxo Living┬á– I love the soft and dynamic shape and the grey color fits perfectly!

AND welcome to my kitchen – I want to show you how the color can add a cozy and warm atmosphere! Do you agree? I am in the process of finding a new light source in the kitchen. I really love my chandelier but I┬┤ve had it for years and I want some changes – a new look! BUT I am on a budget! I have an idea that I want a selection of longarmed-wall-lamps and maybe in combination with this cool and VERY cheap one from IKEA┬áonly DKK 79! I want to add a hard material to the soft wall and I think the Aluminum material is quite good!

A little selection from Tante Tuli that brings the color up front! The vase must be next investment, if you are nearby Copenhagen visit Tante Tuli its worth it ­čÖé


DIY Copper┬┤n concrete!

Just been around the world of interior bloggers and came across the award winning DIY blogger Kristi Murphy. She has made such cool things in copper and copper look alike! I want to show you her DIY lamp and salt┬┤n pepper lux-lookIing SHAKERS! That might be my next project! Check out┬áBrit + Co┬áfor the full tutorial ­čśë

These shakers are so easy! All you need is a pair of shakers ┬á– might be these ones from IKEA only DKK 25 and metallic folio ┬á. I found a wide range of cool possibilities at Largeformat┬á– how easy can it be ­čśë

If you need a tutorial check out Brit & Co !


Happy Birthday Bowl Margrethe!


The Danish Margrethe bowl turns 60 years and it is still going strong! The bowl came into production already in 1950 but it didn’t become really popular until 1954 when it was named after Princesse Margrethe who had just been elected for the throne. The Margrethe bowl is one of the first productions in Denmark after the 2. world war made in plastic. After the war it was hard to get materials which means you had to use what you could get, for ROSTI the company behind the bowl, it was ┬ámelamine plastic. The bowl is drawn in┬áSigvard Bernadotte (Queen Margrethe┬┤s uncle) og Acton Bj├Şrns studio ┬áone of the first industrial design studios. The cool thing about The Margrethe bowl is – its really functional, it comes in every color , its pretty cheap AND it last forever!

IF YOU ARE INTO CLASSIC TRENDY COLOR PALETTE – Grey, black and petrol Margrethe is so cool!


The Margrethe bowl is designed to stack with other Margrethe bowls of different sizes, it has a handle and spout so you can pour it, and in 1968 it was further developed with a rubber ring on the bottom so it can stand properly on the kitchen counter. Margrethe bowl is a Danish design icon that has appeared on postage stamps and is a part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Copper┬┤n candles DIY!

I must admit that I do like the copper look especially if its not a mass production! I found a ┬┤recipe┬┤ for a DIY project at the blog Kreavilla┬áto make these beautiful candlesticks. I really wanted to make them myself but I had to face it – I just dont have time right now, so I started to search around and found a man in Denmark who makes exactly these candlesticks! I contacted Peter, who is retired and wanted to spends his time doing something fun – candlesticks! You can order the sticks just as you like them – if you are too busy for DIY projects;)

The sticks are made of copper pipes available in most construction shops. Check Kreavilla for a list of everything needed for the  candlestick project!

If you want t make an order, contact me for the Peters details.


Heaters – heart warming eye candy!

If you can’t live without them – include them in your interior design! I am talking about heaters, I hate heaters and I have never understood why they have to be so uninspiring and NON-decorative – until I discovered they DONT! ┬áLooking outside Denmark they actually do have more decorative heaters. In almost every flat or house in Denmark we┬┤ve got these boring white ripped squares hanging on the wall. If you have one of them as I do my best advice is to paint them, include them in your look, make them an integrated part of the room. By painting them in the same color as the wall it integrates the heater in the wall and makes it less visible. Another option is to paint them in a different color that will pin it out and make it an visible decorative asset to the room. I really like this option and even more if you go all and and include the water pipes! Check Colorama the color producent awesome photos! And the best is, you can keep repainting whenever you like to change the look ­čÖé

If you are in the lucky situation that you can choose the design of your heater I would recommend you to take a look at these really decorative heaters! The bench is a Danish production from Hudevad the others can be find in the catalogue of heaters at ARCHI EXPO  they have a wide range of really cool options that works both as heart warmer and eye candy!

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