In denial – but copper is cool!


Today I went on a day trip to Malmø with my mum. We have this tradition that we twice a year visit our neighbor country Sweden.  Interior-wise and trend-wise we have a lot in common, the Scandinavian look but the benefit of being Danish is that its a bit cheaper to go shopping in Sweden so if you are in DEEP NEED of Scandinavian design visit Sweden! I must admit that I am not really into the minimalistic Scandinavian look myself, I find it a bit too mainstream and boring – sorry! That being said I think Scandinavian design just “rays of” quality and luxury and I do find MUST HAVE pieces that I love to mix with container-treasure, vintage look and colors – MIX MIX MIX if you want a dynamic and lively look 😉

How do you like this mix? I think the original white tiles and the vintage-look porcelain sink work perfect with the copper faucet and pipes! The photo is taken in the shop Granit, f you are into industrial and Scandinavian – check it out!


I know its everywhere and I feel like its becoming a bit too much BUT  I have to show you this and then I´ll go for a copper-break 😉

I found these HAY copper hangers 3pcs. 129SEK, but you can get similar ones in a good quality for only 69 SEK in Lagerhaus. Lagerhaus is must see if you are going to visit Sweden – its cheap and you´ll find a lot of fun stuff for the home and of cause a lot of cheap but cool copy-cats! A COPPER CLEANER… it has gone way too far!! Time for a copper break 🙂


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