DIY industrial built in shelves!

I had this weird useless space in my kitchen area that wasn’t used for anything – simply waste of space! I always wanted a huge bookshelf and I love the mix of styles, so I thought that this could be a great place to make an industrial bookshelf – it would fit perfectly to my 12 arms chandelier! I found some old scaffold decks in a recycle construction warehouse. They cost about DKK 125 for one and additional costs if you need them to cut it into a certain size. Scaffold decks are really heavy and you’ll need long screws to make the shelf last BUT they are so cool, really industrial and you´ll the most spacious bookshelf ever! All you need is a long piece of wood cut into laths, long screws and plugs and maybe a bit of paint. I chose to paint the laths black so they won’t be too vicious, I liked them to blend into the industrial look. You can built lots of great furnitures with scaffold decks – I think it could be real awesome as a desk not to mention a bench or a dining table!

There are so many possibilities but my next scaffold deck-project will probably be a desk, like the one below, but I´d like to add a plate of copper on top because of the grooves and get either black metallic or shiny colored metal legs – depends on where I decide to put it, hmm need a new home to decorate 😉

What do you think? Any ideas or experiences? 🙂

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