Music and interior design goes hand in hand!

I LOVE MUSIC AND I LOVE INTERIOR DESIGN! For me music and interior design goes hand in hand but it doesn’t always seems like the producers of speakers and music equipment agree! Or maybe they just focus more on the quality – hmm and that might be okay, I really appreciate quality sound, but I WANT BOTH! 😉 The market is huge and I find many nice speakers but they just aren’t a piece of interior art in itself – most of them have a high tec-look (I know – it IS technology, but its not aesthetic) or even a weird kind of sporty look – don’t know where that comes from!?

But Ive found some that are satisfying for both my eyes and my ears!

A transparent speaker!! WOW, this speaker is design by People People  – I think its really cool!  You can get it at Transparent Speaker for USD 800, an awesome option if you are into a minimalistic and light style another option is to get ´built in´ speakers.

But if you do like the look of a real speaker I would go for Marshall, must say I am a huge fan! They look good and the sound is like butter on bread 😛 I love the original old look – it reminds of being in an old studio covered in smoke and drinks (my imagination!) – ROCK´N ROLL!

The black one is free player suitable for iPods with bluetooth, cool! Check em out on Marshall and Yankodesign!

Oh, can’t stop! My crush on Eames is never-ending, have a look at these vintage speakers, they actually speak for them self – the original ones can be found on auctions check out architonic, Ebay, Amazon, Etsy!



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