BETTER LATE THAN EVER, right 😉 My obsession with shower curtains just doesn’t stop so this Weekend Hunt goes for the bathroom! I simply love when people decor their bathroom, so it becomes an adventure to sit there… haha, I mean you spent so much in that room, so why not make it an experience to visit! How many of your friends have a white, boring and “interior-design-neglected” bathroom? It doesn’t make sense to me that so many people have the most beautiful decorated house except from the bathroom – I mean it must be the place where you’re guests have time to really think about and notice all the interior details in your home! So, what I´ve been looking for today is accessories for your vintage mix´n modern bathroom – And I actually think Ive found some fab treasures, of cause 😉

Lets start of with the shower curtains..hmmm! Only 68USD from Society6! Gotta say I have a huge crush on old VW cars!



Next stop is Amager, Denmark – I have found a mix of accessories all from Tante Tulis that never was in the bathroom, but I think that is reason enough to get it in there! These old tin cans are a great storage option for all the small ugly pieces that we use in the bathroom – the alarm clock is just cool and adds an atmosphere of history and coziness! Who said bathroom  aren’t cozy? I don’t know about you but I have read the majority of my most dusty scientific literature in the bathroom – in peace and silence! Next favorite is the old industrial metal bucket, DKK 450! You can use it, if not on the bathroom, then maybe in the living room for nice magazines, books and a plaid! But I would love it in my bathroom for towels! 

More decor! I am not really on the “letter-wave” but these copper letters from Leben Cph are really cool and I think they would fit perfectly in a vintage bathroom! They are a bit pricy DKK 2250, but I have found a cheaper option at Etsy.com – ONLY DKK 17!!!!

OH, can’t stop – just went by Etsy and found this storage and lamp perfect for the vintage, industrial bathroom! Cheap and so cool! The lamp is only DKK 195! Check out the pulling detail, LOVE IT! The storage is made of wood from the 1920´s DKK 970 – both of them ´ALERT´ pieces!

If you haven’t read my weekend hunt before I go for unique vintage treasures and modern  pieces that will make a perfect match! My mission is to find stuff you can’t get in the local mall or main-design-store! – Please let me know if you know of a certain place, that I should check out :)


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