A LIFELONG CRUSH on Ray & Charles!

 Playful and functional. Sleek, sophisticated, and beautifully simple. That was and is the “Eames look.”

When I turned 30 my biggest wish was an original fiber glass, textile Eames Rocker that I had seen at auction, unfortunately it was way gone before my birthday but until the day I turned 30 I had a tiny tiny hope that maybe all my guests had gone together and bought me the chair!

I have looked everywhere since, hmm soon 5 years, and I still haven’t found one that is exactly as wonderful as I saw at the auction – but maybe I can’t really remember it, but what I do know for sure is that it was checkered. Though its not the same (it might  only exist in my dreams), of cause I still find original fiberglas textile Eames Rockers that I can’t live without – but I can never afford them – who knows in 5 years Ill turn 40!! Aren’t they just AWESOME!!!!!????

Ill save up and until then Ill look at the poster and play “the house of cards” BY EAMES!!!! 😉 If you have the same crush as I am – check out the greatest vintage models on Etsy.com, Lauritz.dk, Ebay.com, Designaddict.com

Eames rocker poster


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