Hammock for vikings – Head over heels by Zivic!

 ITS SO F…… PRICY, but…  

Are you into leather, shearling and steel?

Are you amazed by hand and aesthetic appeal of domestic harness?  

Do you find perfection dead boring?

Do you want interior to be lively and storytelling?

YES, YES, YES, YES – then you might fall head over heels for


Jim Zivic’s is inspired to create things both useful and artistic and his approach to furniture design is very “Industrial”. Zivics signature materials are leather, raw steel and felt. He had even made a wall-to-wall leather floor for a Tribeca boutique, sounds awesome – who wouldn’t have a leather floor!!

A significant part of his furniture collection is exclusively represented by Ralph Pucci International.

I would really like a hammock at home and of cause the first one that really hit me was the ´Link Leather Hammock´- also called the Viking Hammock, which Ill never even nearby, but this could also be a CALL FOR HANDYPEOPLE – anybody out here who can fix a similar one??? 😉 (I promise Ill do a post on less pricy hammocks for your home)! Not only did I fall in love with the hammock – check out Zivics ´Jaguar Loounge Chair and the leather ´Console´ – simply STUNNING!

HANDY-PEOPLE – is this a DIY?? 🙂 

Follow INTERIORWISE and be inspired! The post on `Weekend Hunt´is just around the corner – STAY TUNED! 


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