Interior treasures beyond borders!!! As you already might know I really love flee markets, dumpster hunt and vintage!

Thats why Ill start to do weekend posts on web hunt – Ill go for unique vintage treasures and modern  pieces that will make a perfect match! Ill do my search beyond borders – My huge passion is to find stuff you can’t get in the local mall or main-design-store!

I think the most lively interior design comes true when you mix styles, materials and even sometimes colors! The trend of the day (for the majority) is white, black, concrete, marble, copper… all creating contrasts, coolness and class, but why not break it with a piece of vintage – I tell you once you go vintage your hunt will never end!

Ill make a “be alert” if you have to grab it right away!! Actually todays hunt are really ALERT! 

1. ´ALERT´, an ORIGINAL Vintage Knoll Edition from the 60´s designed by Mies van de Rohe and Lilly Reich in 1929. The chair was designed for the German pavillion at the World’s Fair in Barcelona. Note that the leather cushions were replaced by non-Knoll produced ones in 2010. I have a similar couch from the 60´s one of my best buy – the comfort is ON TOP! Get it ETSY, they ship it worldwide from Switzerland.

2. ´ALERT´, This coffee table from the 50-60´s is vintage´n modern in its cool dark marble look – can be yours for ONLY DKK 500! If I just had more space! And if you find more stuff from Wohn Raumformer the shipping gets cheaper – here we come weekend shopping! Arrgh! 

3.  ´ALERT´, This Tripod lamp stand looks awesome with a clip lamp Renna Deluxe sells this handmade tripod made of oak – unfortunately the lamp isn’t for sale, but HEY there is always a way – so check out Leben Cph, No40.

4. ´ALERT´, Looking for a unique little vintage piece – look at this alarm clock, it works perfectly! It can be yours for only DKK 95DKK get it here! 

5. ´ALERT´, Suitcases – no longer just for traveling! Suitcases are both decorative and storytelling – this suitcases matches a modern style perfectly with its black shiny surface! Its your for 200 DKK at Tante Tulis shop 

6. ´ALERT´, Talking about storytelling and vintage . This originial Danish add by Arne Ungemann from 1936 is a piece of Danish history! AND the Dell lamp – both perfect fit into the home of modern mix! Arne Ungemann is ´ALERT´but Leben Cph has more Dell lamps in storage.

7.´ALERT´, If I just had the money, this chair is really awesome and cheap DKK 700 from Smukt Brugt! Cant say more than, THUMBS UP for the design – it could be stunning in the white castle!


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