INTO INDUSTRIAL? Go Concrete´n Zink

INDUSTRIAL is hot´n hip, for those on the wave I think it really works with a mix of concrete and zink! But if you ask me, its a question of balance – there is a tendency to go all in on trends (hmm might be the essential of becoming a trend, but…), and thats exactly what kills the coolness – quantity kills the “quality” of uniqueness – so don’t overdo it! Mix your favorite materials, colors and shapes it makes the interior more interesting and dynamic!

That being said, I´ll share some industrial interior accessories that I find really nice!

These awesome items are from Restoration Hardware , they have some a huge selection of industrial treasures, but unfortunately they do only ship within U.S, so if you aren’t in that lucky situation having a friend in the States, check out the European market!

Looking for a trendy flash check out ´Kix Berlin´, a German brand presenting USB 1GB and 4GB sticks produced from real concrete in different colors – get your own from Aus Berlin!

A concrete vase, I LOVE IT! The French designer Xirald Segard is specialised in concrete and the woman behind this awesome Konkurïto vase that consists of 4 modular stackable elements and a cover – inspired by the Japanese “bento” box.

Heavy Lights – different sizes, forms and colors! The internationally acclaimed designer Benjamin Hubert based in London has designed heavy lights. He leads a team of industrial designers working across a broad range of sectors including furniture, lighting, accessories, art direction etc. – check his website for more roughness!

How do you find industrial design – in or out? What is your MUST HAVE? 



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