DIY cutlery

I would really love to get the cutlery from my last post, but  I have  to face it, my kitchen abounds with silver cutlery that I have inherited from my grandmother. I really love it, but I think it could be even cooler if I give it some edge! I am crazy about mismatch, it gives a more dynamic and interesting look.

So, my next DIY project is to transform my cutlery into a mix of modern and vintage! I have searched to figure out how to do it and what to buy for my project. I´ve come around several creative people, all of them, use a kind of paint (photo source is from creative creative). It looks really good, but my experience in working with paint especially spray paint tells me that it faints and scratches off, and it happens quickly, which can look quite cool – I mean, I am a huge fan of patina but I don’t really want to repaint it too often!

Another option is to use rubber, which is much more durable. Who is better to look for inspiration than the up cycle specialist Danny Seo and of cause he had the answer right on page 114 in his excellent book UPCYCLING!

If you don’t have old silverware check out the next flee market or go to a second hand shop, I have found heaps of silver stuff for no money.

This makes a huge difference, can you imagine doing it in a clear color or make a mismatch, the possibilities are endless!

What you need for this project is:

  • Old silverware
  • Binder clips
  • Wire
  • Can of plastic dip

Clips and wire are used to hang up the cutlery to dry. Slowly dip each handle into the plastic dip container – allow each dip to dry before you do it again – repeat dipping until you are satisfied with the look! Let the cutlery dry overnight and HEY – here you go, old silver meets modern design. Ill recommend you to do it outside since this project can be quite messy  – if you feel hooked on this project, do it! And please send me photos – I´d love to see your result!


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