Walk the plank… DIY wicked shelves!


Recycle building materials – can’t get enough! It adds an edge to the room, without stripping it from coziness and empty your wallet!

I had this weird hole, that I wanted to fully exploit. Since I have too many books, and not being the biggest fan of bookshelf I wanted to make my own. I wanted it to fulfill the entire hole and to be rough and huge – the only thorn in my side are the ugly books! As beautiful a book can be as ugly too – some of them are really not decorative, I´d love to get the below shown zink boxes to storage them! How do you like the zink look? I think mix of materials gives a wicked look and zink is such a rewarding material working with – Ill soon do a post on zink items, they are really cool!

Blalank Studio and Ramon Zancanaro are the designers behind this gray theme bedroom design. Check out the wooden shelves, don’t you think it gives the room a comfy look – wood has an excellent calm effect and at the same time trendy as h….!

You can get similar planks at www.genbyg.dk, another option is the plank shown below used for construction work. I found them in Genbyg and they cut them into the exact size, so they easily fitted into the hole in my kitchen. The downside is the weight, but no worries, when the shelf is hanging you forget all about handwork, but enjoy your newly DIY eye candy!

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