“DEER” your surroundings! Bring nature in…

´Bring nature in´ trend is still going strong, everything comes in a deer-design, a bit too much, if Im aloud to say that – less is more, ALSO in the production of interior accessories! Cant think of anything worse but mass production (little exaggeration but true). Even though I´m VERY MUCH against hunting, killing animals and animal cruelty NO DOUBT about that – nevertheless I am amazed about original interior design accessories! So, not taking that fact into account for a moment, I think decorating by nature looks really awesome!

Depending on your ethical believes and attraction of interior design, you can choose the real deal or nice fake ones – if you want a pet on the wall! Choose a real stuffed one or maybe a nice graphic, this one is from vi.sualize.us.

But if you want the real deal you can either go hunting at flee markets, get to know a hunter or go hunt yourself! If you are interested in any of the real ones on this post, send me an email and let me know! The Sweet Spot has styled this look by use of deer and antlers, stunning or what?

And a small selection from the “interior-in-dust” – I am especially crazy about the wooden shelf, and it wouldn’t be a shame to paint it – depending on your style. If you are a bit handy, why not try it out as a DIY project – Im all up for it!

I must admit that I am not the biggest fan of “naked antlers”, but take a look at Gevir & Horn – I really like her redeco ideas – suddenly the naked antlers morbid appearance is transformed into a trendy interior accessory – in a color by your choice! Why not go on the wave of neon!!? (or if more into romance – go for pearls)

Up for a hunt?

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