Get ready for M.. Freeze – Cozy, cuddle, classic blankets

For me, January is never ending – so, why not light the candles, grab the chocolate  and jump under a wonderful blanket?! Thats (almost) the only thing on my mind these days!

Maybe a bit ego, but hey why not WEAR your blanket??! 

I know I keep talking about cheap options but I just had to show you the Icelandic design group Vík Prjónsdóttir latest collection of wool blankets inspired by a mixture of myths, folklore and the lure of nature 

It might be ”too popular” but I still find the blankets from Ferm Living really nice!  They come in different coloured pattern, perfect for the minimalistic home that needs a bit of eye candy! DKK 749 at

If you are on a low budget like me, I´ve found some cheaper, but nonetheless cool, options for you. IKEA has a selection of blankets, so cheap, that you don’t have to blame yourself change it once in a while!

If you wanna go for the original retro blanket, check out Tante Tuli´s (Facebook) cool option 150DKK.

Gurli blanket comes in five different colours – my favourites are the dark grey and the petrol – get it for only 79DKK at

Another great pick from IKEA is Henrika plaid, also made in five different colours, only 99DKK – it doesn’t have to be pricy to be cool!


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