MIRROR MIRROR on the wall!

Do not underestimate the effect of mirrors!

Mirrors have a marvelous ability to make a room feel double its size! So, if you are fighting for more space, go for mirrors – its nothing new, but it still works! I would go for mirrors in difference sizes and styles – I am especially in to old “storytelling” mirrors. The last ones I´ve bought was from a girl who occupied an old bathhouse for living – in there she found two original old mirrors hanging in the former locker room – lucky me!

When you group the mirrors they give the illusion of being a beautiful one piece of art, but if you separate them into a form of pattern you’ll be able to create cohesion between rooms – which is crucial to make a calm expression.

Tips for mirrors:

  • Make sure, that view, reflected in the mirror is pleasant.
  • Avoid reflection of doors, kitchen, messy areas and other views you don’t want to double.
  • Hang mirrors to reflect nice window view – it brings more light – artworks, wallpaper and your favorite bits and pieces.

One of my best buys are these copper mirrors from IKEA, so cheap – 10 pcs 100DKK – stick em´to the wall and here you go, CLASSY and SIMPLE!  When I look from my living room to the hall, I get a feeling of coherence even though I  sometimes mix styles – if I keep interior accessories that creates coherence I can go crazy in other areas (vintage, modern, industrial, mixed styles) but still feel the coherence between the rooms interior wise

You can get these stick-to-wall mirrors in any kind of shapes and colors – letter mirrors just caught my eye, funky, fun and classic! It doesn’t seem of much, but it makes a huge change! You can get the letter mirror in different sizes, check out http://www.servewell.co.uk/categories/letter-mirrors—funky/4/

Another option is to get hold of one these ICONIC mirrors!

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