Hogewey – a way to live happily ever after???

‘We’ve found that when a resident is placed in the wrong social lifestyle, they quickly become unhappy…’ 

What is the first thing that runs through your mind when you read a quote like this?

I was attacked by anger, shame and sadness because that is exactly what we are offering our elderly, my grandmother, all the people who doesn’t have the change to spend their last days in a place like the Dutch village Hogewey! There are a lot to say about Hogewey, people has pros and cons but Ill stick to my main interest and focus on the interior design and how it affects people.

 Ill shortly introduce you to the Hogewey idea that began 20 years ago. A strong debate about whether or not dementia-people should live without locks, in their own homes and do the same things they did before their illness took hold of them.

One of the founders, Yvonne van Amerongen, was convinced that life in an ordinary care home was not living, but a kind of dying! That wasn’t how she wanted to spend her last days, so she and her co-founders, asked themselves; “How would we want lo live?” The result was Hogewey – a village with several lifestyle options, a place where you are able to identify with your way of living and with the people around you!

Welcome to Hogewey a SPOT ON place, not only to spend, but also to LIVE the last days of your life!

Remember the photos of my grandmothers care setting???? – Do I have to say more!? https://interiorwise.wordpress.com/2014/01/05/wanna-enjoy-your-golden-age-here/

This is exactly what I am trying to address!!!

The importance of creating a feeling of a familiar life to instil calm and peace, reduced stress and increased wellbeing!

We have the knowledge from several numbers of studies, from many different scientific perspectives – all of them result in the same conclusion – the architecture, the interior design, the surroundings affect peoples health and wellbeing! So who has the responsibility to use the knowledge and change the way our elderly live and give them the best for their last days of living!? And what are you – we waiting for?

When I look at the photos, they remind me of my grandmothers real home – when I went to the residential home it reminded me of the canteen at work!  It could be so easy to change the setting; a change that, NO DOUBT, will make such a huge difference!

In Hogewey; …the homes of the Indonesian residents are decorated with flourishes of their indigenous culture: pictures and colours of their other homeland…the garden is set in the Eastern style – suitable for prayer and meditation – right down to a large stone bust of Buddha in the bushes. The ‘city dwellers’ have homes with a typical Dutch urban look: modern, uncluttered, with shelves of books, papers and music”

I know that the answer probably is lack of resources, lack of money! But according to Yvonne they haven’t spend more money on Hogwey than on her former ordinary home!

Why not cooperate with second hand shops and private people who doesn’t have the resources to empty relatives homes when they pass away – they pay people to empty houses like that, don’t you think they would love to donate furnitures to a care home???

Am I the only one who gets really upset and ashamed on behalf of the public-system? 

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2109801/Dementiaville-How-experimental-new-town-taking-elderly-happier-healthier-pasts-astonishing-results.html

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