A little more from the world of pallets!

Though I need a little break from pallets – everything is made of pallets – I must admit these DIY furnitures caught my eye! So, with this post, Ill leave the ´world of pallets´ and find a new path for a while!

´DIY Pallet Furniture´ http://diypalletfurniture.net makes the coolest and most creative stuff of pallets! I have selected some of my favorites…

  1. The COOLEST and CUTEST crib I have ever seen, who wouldn’t fall asleep in a moon-cage!!
  2. The bunk beds are awesome and perfect if you are in lack of space. Could be cool in the kids room or in your countryside house – mmm actually I would love it as a couch in my living room!
  3. Such a cool desk, again perfect if you lack space – I am crazy about the hooks! There are many options – personally I would add a painted thin wooden board instead of glass, maybe chalkboard painted or in a crazy colour! Another option is to use coloured plexiglass, maybe in neon for the funky and artsy look – you can get the plexi in www.jemogfix.dk, www.silvan.dk
  4. Book, photo whatever shelf, simple, rough and cool!
  5. Photo 5 to 8 are pallet-artwork – I love the roughness and the fact that you can make it exactly how you like it, add a personal touch by painting text, add colours, hang photos, lights… maybe flower boxes, you name it! The wall at photo no5 is made by www.genbyg.dk 

Let me know, are you sick and tired of pallets or are you ´head over heals´?  … want more? Or whats your favorite material?

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