For those who dare …


As said before, I used to hate shower curtains, cause they usually came in white and within no time they turned into a disgusting yellowish color! They didn’t do anything good for the room except “catching the water”. But time has changed, and today you can finally get shower curtains as beautiful as a piece of art! For me, my shower curtain is the main part of the interior design in the bathroom, which is small and originally dead boring, but no longer!

I have chosen not to show you the trendy (mainstream) shower curtain, since I assume you already know where to go and get them, but unique, colorful, classic and edgy ones – because ´Im head over heals´!!

For the street, colorful and artsy! Buy them at (it took before I got it, but it was worth it and the quality and the colors are perfect)

If you wanna go vintage! 

For the calm, cozy and soft interior deco! These ones are from 

AND last but not least, for the ones you want a DELIGHTFUL SHOWER!

My next buy from

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